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STEPP WALKER PROJECT, Heart & Soul Acoustic Duo, is one of the hottest duo acts in Indianapolis and the Midwest. James Walker Jr. and Rodney Stepp have been a musical team since their early teen years. Together, they have composed songs for advertising, artist, films and many other projects. This award winning duo has won Billboard Awards, Addy Awards for major advertising campaigns and many other prestigious awards for their contributions in the music industry.

Rodney Stepp is the Chief Creative Officer for Rodney Stepp Music Productions, an award winning production company in Indianapolis. Rodney was the keyboard player and assistant musical director for The SPINNERS in the 70s & 80s and produced seven songs on the group in 1995. Rodney is the keyboard player for the rock group THE FLYING TOASTERS. Rodney has been recognized by the United States Congress receiving a Congressional Record Award for contributions of music to the local, regional and national community. Rodney also wrote Dont Foul Out for the National Basketball Association and the Indiana Pacers and wrote the theme song for the World Fire & Police Games in 2001.

James Walker, Jr. is the lead singer for the group TOY FACTORY in Indianapolis and also has been recognized for his writing and vocal talents. Joon as affectionately and professionally known by his fans has been compared to the late and great Luther Vandross for years. Joon has a smooth delivery and is
one of the most gifted and talented vocalist in the nation. Joon and Rodney have written songs for The SPINNERS, United Way of America Theme Song featuring Mary Wilson of The SUPREMES, Indianapolis Recorder Theme, Hoosier and Kentucky Lottery and many other corporate clients.

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