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Rodney Stepp
Rodney Stepp has a career that spans his full life. He achieved early success with his teenage soul band, The Diplomatics. After high school, he toured the world as keyboardist for The Spinners, making a hearty impression with his organ solo on "Mighty Love". That experience prepared him to found the soul-funk band Rapture. Rodney later contributed to the international breakdancing scene with his pioneering electro funk ode "Break-Out". Studio 54 first played the record as it spread among DJ pools. It became a breakdancing theme of '80s. In 2000 Rodney's moody jazz debut "Steppin' Out" was embraced by the contemporary jazz and gospel music community. Rodney says his success comes because, "I do what I love and I love what I do."

James Walker, Jr.
James "Joon" Walker, Jr. is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician and actor. He's a classic soul kind of guy, with a distinctive voice and effortless charisma. He started singing in the church choir and took private trumpet lessons before teaching himself how to play the guitar. The Beatles' live performance on the Ed Sullivan show would trigger Joon's passion for the sound and feeling of making music. He played in a band in high school and did a stint as bassist for jazz singer Hazel Johnson Strong. Joon expanded the ways he used his talents into songwriting and theatre. A natural performer, Joon has played lead roles in "The Blues Don't Cry", "Getting Ready" and "Porgy & Bess". His film credits include "Brick by Brick" and "The Book and The Rose". As a songwriter and artist, Joon is a lover at heart. "My music is about falling in love, staying in love, being in a love that goes bad and fallin in love all over again."

Abri Mills
Abri Mills is an urban pop vocalist with the chords of Christina Aguilera and commercial appeal of Jordin Sparks. Her music reflects the subtle maturity of a confident young woman who knows what she wants from love and life. Abri sharpened her skills as part of the exclusive Indianapolis Children's Choir. She graduated from high school recently and is working on her debut album.

Jalen Massey
Jalen Massey is a naturally-gifted youth and quick study with a discerning ear for music. From a very young age, Jalen showed a high level of interest in rhythmic beats but did not act on his interests until age 11, when he began playing his first instrument...the snare drum. Soon after, he learned how to play the marimba and moved quickly to teach himself to play more than 10 other instruments. Currently, Jalen serves as a section leader and member of the Warren Central High School Gold Brigade Marching Band, Honor's Band and Winter Percussion and has played in concert with the Indianapolis Symphonic Band.

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